Saturday, December 20, 2014

A new member of the Fan Club……

…….Doreen’s classic low volume quilt seemed perfect for Baptist Fans too.


Doreen made this quilt by following a Mystery Quilt pattern.


Good result, yes? Always difficult to know if you have the colours right for a mystery quilt. I made one once and foolishly didn’t pay enough attention to the fabric specifications. I bought way too much bright pink for the fabric that was supposed to be the background. Eeeeeek! It all turned out okay in the end with a bit of a design tweak.  I gave it to my Aunt who loves pink and she couldn’t be happier!

Another quick look:

Doreens quiltIMG_1601_1

Did you spot those Gerberas photo bombing again?

Thanks for popping by.



  1. Fantastic fabric choices for a Mystery quilt. Love the design and Baptist Fans certainly is a good choice for the quilting. I have only participated in one mystery quilt and boy did I choose badly. Can't remember what I did with the quilt in the end.

  2. good choice here as it will work for both male and female

  3. Lovely quilt and a super place to hang it for photos.

    Ah yes, I had a mystery quilt blooper, too, but it worked out in the end.

  4. Fabulous quilt, lovely gerberas and definitely the right spot for photographing them. By the way my calla lily is flowering, will try to get a photo for you.

  5. Lovely fabric choices and the style of quilt. Yes, Baptist Fans looks great on it. I did only one mystery a mini symposium in Napier about 15 years ago. Tutor was Michelle Marvig from australia. It sits in my "waiting to be quilted pile" lol.


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