Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Sweet Peas…..

………….have been busy bees today. Trish hosted us at her place.

We have been making Chatelaines. Check these out:


A close up of Debbie’s cat pocket for all you cat fans out there:

Debbies cat pocket

Maxie joined us today for the first time since May. She showed us this very nice mat she made to sit her machine on:

Maxie's machine mat IMG_1353_1

Andreena has pieced together her Row x Row blocks:

Andreenas r x rIMG_1357_1

Debbie has finished her R x R , it looks marvellous:

Debbies R x RIMG_1355_1

Thanks for hosting us Trish, it was fun!



  1. Sorry I missed it - those row x rows look AMAZING!!

  2. We missed you! Moira sent a message, she's finished your row.

  3. how lovely to be sharing talents with these creative ladies. If or hopefully when I get EQ7 I would love to design my own row on row quilt aiming high!

  4. Now I'm really confused - cannot figure out what a Chatelaine is... :) And neither can Google give any explanation other that the lady of a chateau...

  5. Those Chatelaines look interesting .Welcome back to Maxie.

    Love the ladies R x R quilt tops !

  6. Fabulous Chatelaines Sweet Peas. Great teacher obviously. Love all the quilts Linda.


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