Monday, November 03, 2014

Sweet Peas…..

……are still busy turning out projects.

From Rochelle:

Rochelles baby quiltmage3

rochelles op quilt Ribbet collage

Debbie’s super bright cat quilt.

Debbies Fat Cats Best IMG_1314

Debbie added nice little decorative touches to her cats. The pink cat with a diamante collar is my favourite.

CatsRibbet collage

Peggy’s Round and Round top:

Peggy's round and round straight quiltMG_1321_1

….and her disappearing Hour Glass


We’re a busy lot aren’t we?



  1. lovely variety here the cats win my vote such a cheerful fun quilt

  2. Lovely, but, naturally, as a cat lover, that is my favourite. Peggy, you have been a very busy girl. Hugs to all, Jean.

  3. Indeed, the Sweet Peas have been busy!

  4. That disappearing hourglass quilt thrills my eyeballs every time I see it.


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