Sunday, November 02, 2014

Hexi Magic

When we attended  Rotorua regional day for quilters I was fascinated by this Hexi quilt.

Hexi 4

I like both the colours and the layout:

close up number twoHexi 2image

The really amazing part is these are ¼ ˝hexagons!

c;ose up hexis collage

The pattern is a replica of an old Australian quilt. The pattern “Dear Prudence” is available from Gum Valley Patchwork.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of the quilt. Wow.....I don't think my old fingers could hold on too 1/4 inch hexies....:)

  2. Way too many tiny hexies and thousand after thousands of stitches, for me at least, but such beautiful placing and joining. Hugs, Jean.

  3. that must have taken for ever any plans for you to make one?

  4. Oh my! Nice to admire, no way my hands could take that on :0(
    Great layout and the stitching is well done!

  5. Wow! A quarter of an inch? Amazing!

  6. What an incredible quilt. A real labour of love. I wonder how long it took?

  7. Couldn't believe the size of those hexagons - amazing.


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