Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Big Sister

Do you remember when I quilted the Little Girl’s Quilt ?

Well here’s her Big Sister:

 Big Sister1 IMG_1378_1

Such a pretty feminine theme to this quilt. It lent itself perfectly to Feathers and lots of curvy fills.


Big Sister cornerIMG_1379_1

That striped fabric reminds me of floral wall paper with a trim. I stitched straight lines down the stripes, out lined the flowers and filled the V shape between the flowers with small McDazzle.


The centre piece stitched with clam shells.


Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Terri.



  1. I love the quilting on this, especially the clam shells.

  2. this is a real beauty, quilting perfect and at first I thought the flowers were silk ribbon work or similar as they have a 3D look

  3. Beautiful, and your words describe it perfectly. Hugs,Jean.

  4. Absolutely eye poppingly gorgeous. Very shabby chic!

  5. Love your quilting. The wreaths look great.


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