Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Sundries….

My Northern Hemisphere blogging friends are commenting on the colours of Autumn and how they are looking forward to being cooler. Me, well I just love the freshness and bright colours of Spring.Do you see the bee tending our Rosemary? I had the camera about 2 inches away from him.
Spring garden colours 2014Ribbet collage
The Pukeko is enjoying the lush Rhubarb.Wonder if he’s dreaming of Rhubarb tart?
We didn’t think we would plant potatoes this year. Turns out we have so many volunteers we’re going to have potatoes anyway.
Volunteer potatoIMG_1313
Kiwi Kai: A New Zealand take on Pea, Pie and Spuds for lunch today. Meat pie, Kumara wedges and Peas. Yummy, simple food tastes so good.
Just so you don’t forget we live on the volcanic plateau,       
Mt Tongariro is still puffing away:
Tongariro steaming Oct 2014IMG_1262
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  1. the rhubarb is going to be delicious, my favourite fruit. Love the spring flowers spring so much nicer than autumn with the warm weather and the lunch looks very tasty

  2. How lovely to see the colors of Spring, and rhubarb tart sounds pretty tasty. I have a couple of bags of rhubarb in the freezer. One of them may have to be used soon.

    Oh my, a puffing volcano!

  3. Linda, I love your colorful garden. Prolific too it seems. :) I looked up Kumara which seems to be a sweet potato? The meal looks delicious! Enjoy!! ~ Christina

  4. I'm so enjoying seeing all the lovely Spring colour everywhere. Mother Nature has decided to give us a taste of Summer here the next couple of days which Im less happy about ( 34 today / 36 tomorrow)

    Your garden is looking lovely!

  5. It's only 10.30am but your post is making feel petty hungry!

  6. Your rhubarb is looking a lot healthier than mine this year. I divided up my plant, and it is sulking a bit now. We are hoping to do the Tongariro Crossing in January, hopefully it won't be puffing away too much then.


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