Friday, October 10, 2014

Memories are made of this…

Wendy was moved by the death of a friend to make some memory items for the bereaved family including a quilt. She wanted the quilt to have Polar Fleece on the back, I agreed to that on the understanding that I would also put cotton batting in it.

This is what the top looked like when it came to me.

Wendy's quilt before

On examining it I realised that it had a huge mix of fabrics in it. Many of them thin and stretchy. So my first move was to iron interfacing onto the back of the pieced rows.


Then onto Bertha it went. Bertha didn’t let me down. She wasn’t phased by the changes of thickness and fabrics at all. The first thing I did was baste, baste, baste top to bottom.

Wendy's quilt tackedIMG_1191

Then lots of stitch in the ditch. The borders stitched with curved echo a  la Kathy of  Tamarack Shack.

Memory quilt topIMG_1248_1


Koru type swirls in between the rows and Wish bones in the wedges.

Memory quilt wholeIMG_1242_1

The combination of Polar Fleece and cotton batting made the quilting look very plush.Peggy’s magic binding with a pop of taupe the perfect finishing touch.

Check out the back:

Back of Memory quiltIMG_1240_1

Wendy is very pleased with the result and I was happy to be part of such a special project.Thanks for trusting me to quilt this for you Wendy.



  1. What a neat quilt - love the setting - and of course the machine quilting!!

  2. great quilting and great quilt, a handy tip re the iron on interfacing

  3. What a treasure Linda, and your quilting with Bertha has beautified it more. Lovely swirls. Cheers,Jean

  4. That came up really well Linda. Love the curved borders. All over an excellent design and Wendy cannot help but be pleased with it.

  5. Another fabulous finish. Bertha, Peggy, and you are quite a threesome!

  6. Such a stunning quilt! Your quilting designs really set the quilt pattern off so well.

  7. WOW! I firmly believe you're a quilting magician. Great idea to stabilise the quilt top first .That quilt looks just stunning.

  8. Love your quilting on this !!! And the taupe binding is perfect !!!
    I have one to pop in the post to you :)

  9. Wow! Firstly, it's interesting to see your process. And then the quilting ... Wow!

  10. great quilt and you have made a smashing job with the quilting I am sure this will be a comfort for the bereaved family


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