Friday, October 17, 2014

Downton Abbey Returns………


Oh how I love that show. Feet up, glass of wine in hand ready to enjoy…..

Do you like Downton Abbey too?



  1. Downton Abbey - Love It!!! But hate all the ads cutting into the episode. I bought the first four series on DVD and what a pleasure to watch each one totally without interruption.

  2. I love Downton Abbey, too, as well as Call the Midwife - excellent shows.

  3. Love Downton - are you on Season 4 already?

  4. Linda, you know I love that photo and quote! Perfect. And I have only recently begun to watch Downton Abbey and thoroughly enjoy it. ~ Christina

  5. I'm a big downton abby fan !! !! !!

    I posted you a quilt today to be quilted but forgot to put a note in it


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