Monday, October 06, 2014

A Little Girl’s Quilt

Teri made this sweet quilt with fabric left over from a kit project. She said she thought it would be perfect for a little girl.

A little girls quiltIMG_1130

I stitched feathers into the borders, echo ripples around the smaller flowers and then filled the middle with Paisley shapes.


It’s very pretty and girlie.Even Koko thinks so.

Little girls quilt twoIMG_1122

A peek at the back:


I think Terri is right, a little girl would just love this quilt.

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Terri



  1. not only a little girl Linda I love it too and I am an elderly lady! Such beautiful quilting and the back could be used as a front too, wonderful

  2. Adorable Linda! And your quilting is spectacular as always. Koko has cat scanned it into approval. :))
    ~ Christina

  3. Gorgeous and absolutely perfect for a little girl. The quilting looks terrific . This reminds me of an old paisley eiderdown.

  4. I always love seeing your posts about the quilts you have worked on and this one for a little girl is delightful. I am very drawn to your paisley quilting in the centre.


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