Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rainbow Kitties

My Rainbow Kitties are so cute. As soon as I got home from Sweet Peas I laid them out to sort out what order I would stich them together in. I popped out of the room for a few minutes and came back to find that Cici the cat had been having a bit of creative input.

Kit kats all messed up

Here they are all together:

Kit kats 3IMG_1259_1

Cici is happy with the result


In keeping with the modern look of this quilt I stitched it with Matchstick quilting. I follow a blog She can quilt, Leanne does a lot of this kind of quilting. I love the look it gives a quilt.

Kit Kats quiltedIMG_1281_2

 Matchstick quilting

Leanne always shows a photo after washing so as soon as I had the binding stitched down on my kitties they had their first bath.Here is an after photo. Doesn’t it look nice and crinkly? Love that look.

Washed Kit Kats IMG_1289_1_1

Matchstick quiltingIMG_1287

I have to say though this will probably be the only quilt I will ever quilt this way. This is a small quilt, only 42” x 44”. It seemed to take forever.

Oh, the pattern if you want to make your own kitties can be found at Oh Fransson.



Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Sundries….

My Northern Hemisphere blogging friends are commenting on the colours of Autumn and how they are looking forward to being cooler. Me, well I just love the freshness and bright colours of Spring.Do you see the bee tending our Rosemary? I had the camera about 2 inches away from him.
Spring garden colours 2014Ribbet collage
The Pukeko is enjoying the lush Rhubarb.Wonder if he’s dreaming of Rhubarb tart?
We didn’t think we would plant potatoes this year. Turns out we have so many volunteers we’re going to have potatoes anyway.
Volunteer potatoIMG_1313
Kiwi Kai: A New Zealand take on Pea, Pie and Spuds for lunch today. Meat pie, Kumara wedges and Peas. Yummy, simple food tastes so good.
Just so you don’t forget we live on the volcanic plateau,       
Mt Tongariro is still puffing away:
Tongariro steaming Oct 2014IMG_1262
Thanks for popping by

Friday, October 17, 2014

Downton Abbey Returns………


Oh how I love that show. Feet up, glass of wine in hand ready to enjoy…..

Do you like Downton Abbey too?


Sweet Peas Row x Row

Last week at our Sweet Pea gathering we all received our Row x Row bags back.

Warning: Lots of photos in this post.

First up Andreena's  black, red and white

Debbie's Modern and Bright

My Rainbow Kitties

Margaret's Puss cats and Pansies

Peggy sent fabrics featuring Fairies, garden scenes and some pre-cut hearts.
Along the way some extra Fairies joined the party

Rochelle'sLife is a Beach
I'll have to put an extra photo in of this one, Margaret made an extra wide row featuring Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam at the beach

Peggy's Framed Fairies in the garden

Trish provided a pretty floral fabric as a theme for her rows.

Moira received her rows earlier this year. You can read about that here.

I'm sorry the photos in this blog aren't so good. I had camera issues and I had to write it in Blogger, Grrrrrrr. I'm sure you'll see lots more about these RxRs as they are completed.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Memories are made of this…

Wendy was moved by the death of a friend to make some memory items for the bereaved family including a quilt. She wanted the quilt to have Polar Fleece on the back, I agreed to that on the understanding that I would also put cotton batting in it.

This is what the top looked like when it came to me.

Wendy's quilt before

On examining it I realised that it had a huge mix of fabrics in it. Many of them thin and stretchy. So my first move was to iron interfacing onto the back of the pieced rows.


Then onto Bertha it went. Bertha didn’t let me down. She wasn’t phased by the changes of thickness and fabrics at all. The first thing I did was baste, baste, baste top to bottom.

Wendy's quilt tackedIMG_1191

Then lots of stitch in the ditch. The borders stitched with curved echo a  la Kathy of  Tamarack Shack.

Memory quilt topIMG_1248_1


Koru type swirls in between the rows and Wish bones in the wedges.

Memory quilt wholeIMG_1242_1

The combination of Polar Fleece and cotton batting made the quilting look very plush.Peggy’s magic binding with a pop of taupe the perfect finishing touch.

Check out the back:

Back of Memory quiltIMG_1240_1

Wendy is very pleased with the result and I was happy to be part of such a special project.Thanks for trusting me to quilt this for you Wendy.


Thursday, October 09, 2014

A Young Man’s Quilt

Terri made this quilt with lovely William Morris Fabric for her nephew.


I love when I start stitching a quilt and see the difference the quilting makes:


Silly me I forgot to take a picture of the whole quilt. One more little glimpse.

Terris YM quilt 2MG_1171

Thank you for asking me to quilt for you Terri.


     PS Quilting the swirls on the cream parts made me think of French Vanilla Ice Cream I had to eat a bowl full.

Monday, October 06, 2014

A Little Girl’s Quilt

Teri made this sweet quilt with fabric left over from a kit project. She said she thought it would be perfect for a little girl.

A little girls quiltIMG_1130

I stitched feathers into the borders, echo ripples around the smaller flowers and then filled the middle with Paisley shapes.


It’s very pretty and girlie.Even Koko thinks so.

Little girls quilt twoIMG_1122

A peek at the back:


I think Terri is right, a little girl would just love this quilt.

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Terri


Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sunday Sundries

Yesterday we received a Polar blast from the south. Just to remind us to not be too complacent about spring being here.This morning Peggy and I went down to look at the mountains from the new viewing platform that has been built on the lake front. The Kaimanawa range which runs to the East of Lake Taupo has a good dumping of snow.We seldom see this much snow on this range.
 Kaimanawas adjustedIMG_1216_1
We were interested to see this sculpture at the look out:
Harmonic SulptureRibbet collage
The lookout is super. On a blustery day like today you feel like you’re standing at the bow of a boat.
Our chooks have been making their love for us clear:
Chicken love egg
This week we said goodbye to Kaiser the cat:
Such a star of the cat world.
He could assist with blogging:
He was a great quilt binding assistant
and of course a super duper Cat scanner:
….and all round funny cat. We miss you Kaiser.
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