Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Sundries

Yesterday Peggy and I attended a Regional Quilters gathering in Rotorua. The event was hosted by the Rainbow Quilters of Rotorua. They had been very busy making Mug Rugs to gift to all attendees. This is my rug. Very cute, yes?

Mug rug

Liz Pearce, of Heartfelt Dolls gave a presentation about sparking our creativity. She has been resident artist at The Arts Village, Rotorua. Liz made samples of her art work available for us to see and touch as she was speaking. She has challenged herself to make a doll every day for a 100 days that reflects her mood for the day. She has been attaching the dolls to her Rainbow patchwork jacket. She admitted that she doesn’t think she can attach all 100 dolls to her jacket – it’s getting a tad heavy.

Rainbow coatimage1

At the end of her presentation she issued a challenge to us. We were all given a postcard with a poem printed on it. We were to read the poem and using old magazines, scissors and glue create an “art work” to interpret the poem. My poem was:

Te Arawa

Arawa tribe

Steaming hot geysers

As you walk by

The brush of your hand

So magical.

By Nathaniel McKenna a young Rotorua Poet

Luckily we were given a NZ quilter magazine so I was able to find Kiwi themed pictures to make my “art work”.

Postcard challenge

We left about midday and went on into the city to have lunch, followed by a little retail therapy. First we visited Cottage Flair in their new location. Nothing to tempt us there. Then onto Moorelands fabrics where I was able to buy some Christmas Fabric. These are for a special project I am going to share with Sweet Peas.

Christmas fabric

Following on from that a stop off at Spotlight. They had nice fabrics on special at $8 and $10 dollars a meter. I couldn’t resist this conversation print with old sewing related ads printed on it.

Sewing machine fabricIMG_1175_1

Look at this ad for Sewing Machine feet. Imagine being able to buy a foot for $1!

Sewing feet ad

Rotorua City has a Tulip Festival on at the moment. Lots of colourful tulips around the city centre. Well worth a visit in the next week or so just to see the tulips. 

Last but not least, Peggy made me another Healing Heart:

Healing heart block

Bye for now 



  1. Lovely artwork, it all looks like it was planned very carefully. beautiful heart, and your fabrics from Rotorua, Wow, lovely Christmas ones.Hugs, Jean.

  2. what a creative time at the quilters group you had and you sent a nice afternoon too with a friend, love the healing heart she gave you and nice Xmas fabric

  3. What an adventure!

    I love the fabric with the ads. Any ideas how you're going to use it?

  4. What a good challenge idea! Thank goodness for NZ Quilter I like what you achieved, and what great fabric from Spotlight.

  5. Love the doll making idea...Im sure I couldn’t do a doll a day – but what fun to try!

    Wow- you guys packed a lot into a day . Im crushing on your old newsprint fabric.

  6. It all sounds so fun, and beautiful! I love your fabrics,especially the text print.


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