Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sunday Sundries

Our chooks have been indulging in a beauty treatment this afternoon.They are still producing eggs very consistently. Tally to date over 1800!I guess we’ll have to forgive them for digging up the lawn.
Chickens beauty parlour
The plum trees are looking very pretty. Fingers crossed we’ll get a good crop this year.
Plum Blossom 2014PicMonkey Collage
The Flatto Peach tree is blossoming.
Have you ever tasted a Flatto Peach? They are so yummy. If you live in New Zealand watch out for them at Pak’n’Save. We were told that you cant buy the trees but we did,

Everything old is new again.
I had Glynn’s wedding ring and my wedding ring combined.  Glynn’s ring was a plain wide band, mine was a Russian wedder, three bands entwined. I had the jeweller shrink Glynn’s ring then expand mine and wrap the bands around his. So our wedding rings are one, just as we were.
Everything old is new againIMG_0944
Thanks for popping by.


  1. what a lovely thing to do with the wedding rings, I have never seen this done before

    The chucks look very much at home in the dust and the peach look scrumptious not seen these before, I have 4 plums on my tree, hope you d a lot better than me.

  2. Such a lovely thing to do with your rings, both wedding rings look just made for each other and your engagement looks beautiful

  3. Something so special, forever together, lovely, and the chooks ,nothing like a good dirt bath. Lovely hot day down here, Hugs,Jean

  4. What a great idea with your wedding rings and how special. Gorgeous engagement ring as well.
    I could watch chickens all day wandering in the garden. I was joined by the neighbours chook in the garden yesterday. I turned over the soil and she feasted on bugs and worms for over 2 hours. Such fun!

  5. A chook has to do what a chook has to do!!!! Lovely stuff Linda. Your ring design is very special and looks great. We meaning mostly Kerry, hard pruned (read scalped) our pear and peach tree and I dont think we are going to get much of a crop this year.

  6. Beautiful post Linda, a very special ring, Spring blooms and happy chooks. Lovely to share your Spring, a time of renewal as we are getting ready for Fall. Life is good
    [[[Bear hugs]]]

  7. What a beautiful way to combine the rings, and such a wonderful way for Glynn to continue to be a part of your life. The jeweler did a nice job.

  8. The rings are so lovely. You have the most beautiful things growing.....I have a weed...giggle.

  9. Your wedding ring re-do made me sniffle a bit - what a lovely way for you to be together.

  10. Yes, it brought a tear to my eye as well, in a nice kind of way. It's a great idea, to remake the rings and wear them as one. Was it your own idea? Or had you heard of this somewhere down the line?

  11. The ring is beautiful as is the sentiment behind it, what a lovely way to keep Glynn close to you all the time. Take care!

  12. What a wonderful thing to do with your rings. Our chickens like their dust baths too, but they do it in the sheds near the chookhouse so they don't make a mess of the lawn! Lovely spring blossoms!


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