Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Japanese Baskets The End

Front of quilt indoorsIMG_1027 Golly it’s hard to get a good picture of white on white quilting.This quit is 85” x85”, I don’t have anywhere I can hang it up to photograph it.
Closer up
Close uo frontIMG_1028
I love how the baskets look
This is how it all began
Andreena's baskets unquilted 2
and just because I can
J basket collagePicMonkey Collage
Shay you were so right, Andreena said to tell you that if she was a bit younger she would have indeed done cartwheels. Yes, she’s pleased with the end result.
Thanks for sticking with me through this. I hope you have enjoyed an insight into my way of quilting.
Bye for now


  1. Linda, way beyond any words that would do this magnificent quilting justice. You are a true master, oops, LADY, of the long arm, and I'm so sure Andreena will dream of it, cartwheel in her sleep, and wake up tomorrow to dream all over again. and then to find it is reality, beautifully so. Many hugs, dear friend. Jean.

  2. Oh my Linda, this is a quilt which that has been highlighted by your awesome quilting. It shows how quilting can take a quilt that is a number of simple blocks repeated and lift it to another level. Well done is so inadequate.

  3. Oh my goodness...what can one add to all the well deserved compliments you've already received? This is an amazing quilt surely destined to become a family heirloom. Linda you are a genius ( and Andreena did a fabulous job of that piecing too!)

    Bugger- I would have liked to have seen video of a cartwheel....

  4. This is so gorgeous Linda! I love those feathers you did. Amazing work.

  5. LOL @ Shay! lol Me too! Maybe a somersault. lol Linda, this is some great stuff you've done! Makes me want to buy and learn on my own Innova. Talk about some inspiration, wow!!

  6. If it was my quilt, I would be thrilled with your quilting. It's gorgeous!

  7. such a beauty and spectacular quilting

  8. I've only just spotted this... such wonderful quilting! Not only does it enhance each block, but it gives the quilt that often elusive "something extra" ! Linda


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