Wednesday, September 03, 2014

It’s been hot in Taupo today…


Look even the cats though it was hot:

Hot CatsIMG_1048_1

I still managed to get some quilting done. A couple of Maxie’s little quilts.


Two quilts made with the same pattern. Two very different looks.

Maxies quiltsPicMonkey Collage

Thanks for popping by.



  1. Oh to be a member of the feline family and rest up. Very hot here too, I'm thinking some summer clothes need to be found very soon .More trees felled, 2 small design walls almost finished. small, 18" x 27", table top size only!!! photos to come tomorrow. Not that I will get to use them, between firewood and other things, Hugs,Jean.

  2. Just as the temperatures are rising in your area, they are falling here. It was cool enough this AM to wear my wool slippers and a shawl while reading blogs. Autumn is slipping down the mountains into the valley.

  3. Go LInda!! Those quilts couldn't be more different and they both look great! :))
    You've written this before: "You can't look at a sleeping cat and be tense.:" True so true. Makes me want to just squeeze 'em and hug 'em!"
    ~ Christina

  4. I wish it was hot here but the rain has arrived this week and Im back to long sleeve shirts and cardigans as a work uniform.

    Im always stunned by how much difference fabric choices can make to the look of a quilt. You wouldn't think for a minute that both those quilts were from the same pattern! Lovely work.

  5. It shows so clearly here how fabric choice makes such a difference to how a pattern is revealed in the block, I would never have said they were the same. We have autumn here, need to get the hedges and grass cut hopefully the last time for the privets but think the grass will need doing again

  6. It's still hot here in Texas as well...yuck!!!! Such cute quilts and as Margaret says. They don't look like the same pattern, but both wonderful.


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