Thursday, September 25, 2014

Andree’s quilt


Andree brought her first ever quilt to me to quilt. What a special thing to be doing. As soon as I saw this quilt I knew it just had to have a curling feather border. My imagination took flight as I saw the opportunity to stitch it in such a way that it would look like it had very tricky piecing.So curved crosshatching between the blocks went in plus diamonds in the sashing.




block stitchingIMG_1144_1

I love how the quilt suddenly looks like it has some curved piecing.

quilt movementIMG_1143_1

quilt movementIMG_1143_1

As I have said many times. I like the quilting to go somewhere the piecing doesn’t.

Curving feathers:

Quilt cornerIMG_1142_1

and some more just for good measure:

quilt corner IMG_1145_1

It’s getting hard to send these quilts home.

Quilt on floor oneIMG_1140_1

One side of quiltIMG_1147_1


The piecing in this top was superb. A pleasure to quilt. Thanks for trusting your precious first quilt to me Andree.




  1. Linda your quilting here is truly amazing! Absolutely stunning.

  2. That looks fantastic Linda. I think you are over your wee problem with feathers well and truly. They look awesome and love the treatment of the free space in the blocks.

  3. a lovely quilt and your quilting has finished it off perfectly

  4. That's just phantastic: the curly feathers really shine, as does the crosshatching! That must have been hours of quilting them...

  5. She is going to be thrilled with the result!

  6. Wow...this turned out so beautiful. Love your design.

  7. Linda, I can see why you don't want to send this back! Beautiful quilt and stellar quilting!

  8. You started with something beautiful ( great job on your first quilt Andree) and then knocked it outta the park with the quilting. Those feathers are simply gorgeous!

  9. Gorgeous quilt.. and your quilting just melts into it beautifully, without overpowering the overall effect! .. and then a stunning border to finish! Linda


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