Saturday, August 16, 2014

You’re invited……

…….to come along as I quilt Andreena’s Japanese Basket quilt. Here it is un-quilted. This is fairly large quilt. I am custom quilting it for Andreena.

Andreena's baskets unquilted 1 

The Japanese fabric are so rich and colourful. The narrow gold border and the wider  blue and gold border compliment the centre beautifully.

Andreena's baskets unquilted 2

Onto the frame:


To start with I am stitching in the ditch both sides of the narrow border, the setting triangles and around each basket. I have become a big fan of stitching in the ditch as it sharpens the look of the finished quilt. There are 25 blocks, it takes me 3 minutes to stitch around each basket so that’s 75 minutes plus time to ditch stitch the border and roll the quilt as required.

Tomorrow I hope to have that completed and move onto to something a little more exciting.I hope you will come back and join me as I progress.




  1. Lovely to see the quilt as you go along , I can see there will be some fun designs in this. Hugs,Jean

  2. I like it when the quilter outlines my blocks. It really does add some sparkle to the finished quilt.

    Glad that you're feeling up to quilting again. Looking forward to your progress on this quilt.

  3. Thanks! I would love to watch. Wonderful quilt to be working on.

  4. Nice to se you're bak´ck at the machine - and it is fun to follow the quilting process :)

  5. Good to see a large quilt on your frame again! Like you I quite often stitch in the ditch around block or strip quilts, makes them pop a little more. Hope you'll continue posts for the basket quilt!

  6. Thankyou Linda for sharing this process with us! Ive had quilts long armed before but never actaully seen how its done.

    Looking forward to seeing how this works!

  7. never seen long arm quilting done so this is going to be interesting to follow. Re quilting in the ditch which I could keep in it but I tend to wander on my ordinary machine

  8. beautiful quilt, I am sure you will work your quilty magic!

  9. would sooo love to watch and maybe have a little play on your gadget. Looks fun. And happy belated birthday


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