Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sweet Peas…

…..gathered at our house yesterday.

Moira has been busy stitching again. Last year we made her basket blocks for her Birthday. She made some more and is embellishing each block with a tulip stitchery.

Moira's basket block

Andreena shared a Japanese themed kit she bought at the Craft Fair. The kit is for a handbag but Andreena plans to make something else.

Andreenas kit

I showed them this fabulous Laurel Burche fabric I received for my Birthday.

Lindas cats 

Peggy gave a demonstration about making a disappearing Hour Glass block.

DHourglass Collage

This cunning little technique produces this result:

d hour glass blocks
Pretty cool,yes? You can find an instruction video
here on You Tube.

Debbie has been busy extending her sugar craft skills. This cute little baby is to go on a welcome home cake for a new arrival.

Debbie's sugar baby2

Thanks for popping by



  1. so many interesting projects here, wonder what you have planned for the cat fabric. Hopping over to watch the disappearing block now,

  2. I have disappearing projects as well.....all UFOs I'm hiding under by bed.....grin. You projects are lovely.

  3. I always enjoy seeing what the Sweet Peas are doing. Peggy's demo looks interesting, so I'll check out the video. The sugar baby is adorable!

  4. Laughing @ Billie's comment - thats classic...

    More fabulous craftiness from the Sweet Peas Ladies. The cake topper is a work of art!

  5. The Laurel Burch fabric is lovely, such a rich blue. The disappearing Hour Glass block is a good idea.


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