Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Sundries……

…..on Monday Debbie invited us to her house for lunch to celebrate my my 60 something Birthday. The table was all set with flowers and a candle:

Birthday lunch table setting

Debbie made me this lovely Birthday Cake. She has just started making sugar flowers.

Birthday cake 2

Remember Andreena’s Swoon quilt? Well it actually got hung up on the stage at Taupo Quiltmakers recent show:


The show included a challenge to make an item that celebrated the Sliver Anniversary of the club. Participants were given a Fat Quarter of silver fabric to include in their item. The theme was “sparkle”.Dot made this, utilising the silver fabric to make the candles. The club’s badge features the Lady of the Lake quilt block. I think Dot’s interpretation of the theme was spot on.


Check out the detail on the cake:
Dot 3

I thought that was pretty darn amazing. The judge didn’t agree, I was surprised that all this work didn’t even get an honourable mention. What do you think?

Thanks for popping by.



  1. Wow! I just realised that the cake and candles were made from fabric! As there was a photo of your real birthday cake before (Happy a birthday!) I assumed it was another real cake. Well I think it is a wonderful interpretation and, like you, can't believe it didn't get a prize or a special mention. Just got back from a big Show, the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK and I find that a lot of the quilts which get prizes are very 'arty' and minimalist , heavy on the quilting but spare on the cutting and piecing. Is it an age thing?

  2. I agree that the judge was blind - this display CLEARLY reflects the theme of the celebration.

  3. Happy Birthday Linda! I hope you had a fabulous day.

  4. Happy 60 something birthday Linda. Your cake is beautiful!

    Congrats to Andreena. I just got a pattern for a swoon quilt and I am itching to start it. Im doing it with a friend and have to wait until she’s ready .(not that there has been a lot of sewing action round here of late )

    Love Dot’s take on the theme . Yes Im surprised it didn’t get a mention too!

  5. Happy Birthday! Beautiful eye candy on this post Linda, from your cake to the fabric cake and the quilts in between.

  6. Happy birthday - that cake and candle display were certainly a very effective way to utilise that fabric.

  7. happy birthday, the cake looks beautiful. Re the quilt show, I have been to the FOQ show here in the UK and like you wondered about some of the quilts awarded prizes and those that I thought should have been but I think it has a lot to do with personal tast that wins rather than technique sometimes. The quilted cake looks amazing and would get my vote

  8. Happy happy birthday Linda!!! Wonderful friends and a beautiful cake, who could ask for more!
    and the TQM anniversary, I had to take a second look to realize the cake and candles were quilted fabric. Fabulous!

  9. btw, that judge needs to wear glasses or if they do, need new ones!


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