Sunday, August 31, 2014

Japanese baskets VI

I finally finished the McDazzling. Putting this background filler into a quilt this size is not for the faint hearted. It took about 6 hours to complete this part of the quilt. I used 6 bobbins of So Fine thread.My machine takes the larger sized bobbin so that’s a lot of thread.


Then it was time for the feathers that I had been dreaming about to fly out of my head and into those setting triangles. Now I am a minimum marking maximum effect kinda girl. I made my own templates to mark out the curve and the centre feathers.


I marked these main features of the design and stitched them out.


Then I start stitching feathers. I didn’t mark anything else.


Once I had completed the top and bottom border I took the quilt off and turned it. Kaiser of course thought this was a good time for a cat nap.

Kaiser cat napsIMG_1019

I’m loving how the curve in the triangle feathers is forming a fuax swag look.

Back onto the machine, interesting back view after the turn.

Back after turningIMG_1021

With the other two borders finished, those feathers took about 4 hours to complete.

At this stage I felt very glad that I had completed the narrow gold border. Time for a thread change. For this last border I am stitching in dark blue. The border fabric is so rich I feel it needs a simple treatment. I am stitching Piano keys with a quarter inch echo. I think they look very understated and elegant. The perfect finish for this quilt.


Thanks for popping by, do come on back tomorrow for the grand final.



  1. Linda you are so talented and always turn something amazing into something special :-)

  2. Phantastic quilting altogether!

  3. Wow, this is a masterpiece, and the piano keys for the border, you certainly match the quilting to the design perfectly. Hours galore, and a beautifully finished quilt for us all to admire. Hugs,Jean

  4. How is it possible that the quilt keeps getting more beautiful. Excellent job!

  5. Oh my! Linda this is gorgeous!!! Your quilting gets better and better with each quilt! Looking forward to the finale

  6. Linda this is stunning! Is this your quilt or a clients?

  7. Absolutely amazing quilting. The owner is going to be utterly thrilled!

  8. Wow Linda, what beautiful quilting....I can only dream about being able to do that.
    Julia ♥


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