Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Japanese baskets V

Just a quick glimpse today.

McDazzling going in around the baskets.I say McDazzle because Karen McTavish says:

“McTavishing is my fingerprint, my style of background filler. Every quilter who attempts it, whether by machine or hand, will develop a personal style to their McTavishing.  I recommend naming your signature quilting style after yourself by adding and “ing” to your last name. That way it is your personal style and your own filler.”


 McDazzle twoIMG_0977_1


I am of course using Magnifico thread. It has such a nice pearly sheen.

I’ll be back when I move on out to those big setting triangles.



  1. this is getting more exciting by the day, love those swirls and curls. hugs,Jean

  2. Your McDazzling is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Clever to name your lovely filler - it is dazzling.

  4. It definitely McDazzled me. Lovely!

  5. Hi Linda, your McDazzling looks great against the curved hatching of the baskets. Loved your video you sent too. Will wait to hear from you on the other trip.

  6. Lovely quilting Linda........I did the McTavshing naming thing once......but with mine being' McHoppering..............just sounds strange! or McQuiltmekiwing??????Mmm might leave it to you and Karen.

  7. Dazzling filler alright - this quilt is looking gorgeous!


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