Saturday, August 23, 2014

Japanese Baskets IV

….back to Andreena’s quilt again. Remember all those channels I stitched? Today it was time to fill them with Pearls.

Pearls in ChannelIMG_0914_1

Tiny little circles, with an average of 45 Pearls per channel. That’s approximately 1260 little pearls I have stitched today.You have to go slow and steady stitching these.

One of the features of my Innova that I love is the adjustable handles. When I am doing tiny stitching I can drop the handles down very close to the surface of the quilt. I can even rest my forearms on the belly bar. This all helps to attain good control.

Handles down lowIMG_0926_1

After I had finished the pearls I added a Lotus flower into the top of each basket.

Lotus flowersPicMonkey Collage

I stitch these free motion without any marking. They do vary a tad block to block but they do look hand guided not computer generated. I like that.

Another four hours have slipped away while I stitched today. I have enjoyed getting back to some free motion work.

Thanks for popping by, more stitching tomorrow.



  1. Wowee, this quilt is going to look spectacular Linda. The pearls look great and I love your lotus flowers.

  2. Hi Linda

    Your email keeps rejecting my messages. We have a new phone number for home - 06 858 9953. The unit is just a stop gap while we think about what we want to do.
    Yes, Kerry can sharpen those little things for you. We could pick them up when we come up for the Tauranga trip which will be fairly soon.
    It will probably be best to ring after lunch. WE go to church in the morning and I like to go early come home late!! Definitely home by 12.30.

    Talk to you tomorrow.


  3. WOW! Talk about amazing work. I love those lotus flowers too. They look fantastic.

    Cant tell you how much Im enjoying seeing the process of your quilting on this fabulous quilt.

  4. You must be a "quilt whisperer"'because the baskets are very happy with what you've done. Beautiful work!

  5. Looking beautiful Linda, she's going to be thrilled to bits with this.


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