Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Japanese baskets cont…..

Work continued on the baskets today. First I completed the stitch in the ditch around the baskets, setting triangles and narrow inner border. This took a total of 3 hours to complete.I have two favourite rulers I use to SID. This one is DeLoa’s Castle.
Do you see how it has those little notches at the top? If you line them up with the ditch and the seam is straight it’s pretty easy to stay on course.
For smaller sections I use DeLoa’s Little One. Same idea with the notches at the top. You can get along and SID nicely once you get the knack with these rulers.
A peek at the back – already you can see those baskets. I have quilted around the edges of the baskets rather than the edge of the block. I’m planning to fill the background right across the block borders so that the baskets look like they are floating on the background.
When I got to the bottom of the quilt I realised that I had forgotten to SID around the two small triangles of the basket.I needed to define this area as I wanted to quilt something different in there from the main triangle of the basket. So I worked my way back to the top stitching this extra bit as I went.
Look at these before and after pictures to see what a difference just a wee bit more stitching can make.
Bottom of basket SID Collage
I did all the SID with Superior Mono Poly top and So Fine in the bobbin. I find the Mono Poly needs a thread that is not too slippery in the bottom to “grab” it.
Up at the top the quilt I changed my top thread to Magnifico and started my ruler work. First using two different sized rulers I stitched curves into the triangles of the baskets.These rulers are a made in New Zealand product. You can buy them from Stitchworks.
Curves all in:
Curves on Andreenas basket
Now for some curvaceous curves.
Curved basket bottom
The whole basket.
Basket with all curves 1
Isn’t that lush? My favourite ruler for curved crosshatching is from Accents in Design.
These rulers have little handles which do help a bit but unfortunately mine arrived from America with one handle snapped off. They also have a strip of hooky velcro on the bottom which is supposed to help hold it steady but it just seems to collect thread snips.
So how far am I into getting this quilt completed? Well I’ve found it takes me 7 mins to put the curves and cross hatching into each block. So that’s nearly 3 hours stitching. Then there are the setting triangles and onto the border.
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  1. Thanks so much for this lovely post on your machine quilting, fascinating to see how you work the curves, the curved cross hatching is especially beautiful.

  2. Super curves ( any girl would be so happy to hear those words!!) and the difference one row makes, this is going to be the " Unforgettable Quilt" . Hugs to all, Jean.

  3. Lovely crosshatching there Linda. I'm almost up for breath now and will catch up.

  4. How interesting to see "behind the curtain" and how the magic is created. Thanks for preparing this post.

  5. Looking great Linda. I love my Deloa castle ruler too. It's my favorite for stitching straight lines.

  6. gosh I am enjoying watching the development of your quilting.

  7. Wow - what a huge difference that little bit more stitching made.

    You're hooting along with this quilt - Im loving seeing it come together. Gorgeous, so far!

  8. Interesting post - I have a similar ruler to your top ones for sid - now I want to see if I can do some ditch work using it - currently I am doing it by eye :-) The curve work on the baskets is fun and a little different to what we often see. Looking good!

  9. Quilting looking really good.I had no idea there were rulers like this that you could quilt with, now I know why I cannot quilt in the ditch, have tried it but always go off course

  10. Haha, I'm with Nancy on the curves! You go girl, looking great. I have a couple of rulers from Accents in Design too. Ditch stitching really makes the quilting, so crisp.

  11. I like the curves on the baskets.

  12. This is looking great Linda. I am waiting for my Accent on Design rulers so hope they arrive in one piece. How are you enjoying your new machine?

  13. It looks just great, Linda. After seeing your curved cross hatch I fell for the Accents in Design rulers and ordered them :) Hopefully I'll be able do something even close to your quilting some day...

  14. Sorry, just catching up. Perhaps this has already been suggested but when I dropped my curved rulers with the pegs and the peg broke off, I found I could use a super glue or E6000 glue and they held up pretty good. I have to reglue every so often. But I love the pegs! I also wanted to admire how fast you are at getting all this stitching done. It would take me a lot longer!


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