Friday, August 22, 2014

Andreena’s Japanese Baskets III

Before I started to stitch today I took a snap of the back of Andreena’s quilt. Basket pretty……Basket back CollageI started my stitching today by creating ¼ inch channels on the inner side  of the setting triangles. I want this effect to separate the inner quilt from the setting triangles. This took an just over an hour to complete.
Channels around setting trianglesIMG_0899_1
Onto the inner border.I decided to use a round ruler to make a Shasiko styled pattern here. Starting at the top border I marked the part circles to make sure they fitted.
The trick here is to mark in from each end. If there is any problem with fitting the design you can fudge it in the middle and no one will ever know.
Once I have the first pass marked out I put registration marks directly across from the “valley”. to line the next pass of part circles up to. If you don’t do this things can get a bit out of line and the pattern gets a bit skew whiff.
Marking inner border Collage
Marking and stitching all the inner borders took about two hours.
As soon as I finish stitching I like to remove the marking. I use water in a spray bottle and follow with tissues to blot up the excess.
removing markingIMG_0904_1
Bottom of quilt reached.I am very happy with this border treatment as I think it has a Shasiko look which is very appropriate for this quilt.
Quilt bottomIMG_0909_1
Do you see Bertha’s stitch head there? Did I mention that I love my Innova? I have such great control to execute precise stitching.
Tomorrow I have to decide, will I finish the outer border (which will be more ruler work) or jump back into the middle and let rip with some free motion.
What do you think?


  1. this is looking super I chuckled as you make it sound so easy and I would not have a clue how to use a long arm quilter or how to quilt like this on an ordinary machine

  2. This is so technical, and the result is superb, love the patterns you have stitched, it suits the quilt perfectly. Big frost here this morning, lovely fine day though. Hugs,Jean p.s. this is showing us how you " Quilt as you go along the rows"!!

  3. It is looking really great Linda. Love all the design elements. Looking forward to seeing your free motion areas too.

  4. Wow, how the baskets look great on the backside as well! I see you're using Renae Haddaddin's Red Snappers, how do you find them? If I were to order sa set for myself, would you recommend odering also some extra clamps as well? What size? It is expensive enough to have a shipment to Finland, so I might as well take all necessary items at one go.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your process. I am a new long armer (just for myself, not a business) and I am always looking for ideas from experienced LA's.

  6. You are a quilting artist, Linda! Excellent work.

  7. Gotta love a quilt where the back is as stunning as the front. Adreena can use that one as a reversible quilt too.

    Im voting for the free motion. Let your inner artist out !


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