Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I’m back!


Thank you all for your kind messages of sympathy. I have tried to reply to you all personally. If I haven’t please forgive me. I did appreciate each and every message I received. I’m lucky that I knew the love of such a good man. We had many adventures together; I have lots of happy memories. We had over thirty content years together.

Thank you also for messages about my knee surgery. Seven weeks since I received my new body parts, they don’t feel like invaders anymore.

…….so my knee is healing well, it’s just my heart that is taking longer.

My energy levels are still not great but I have managed to quilt one small cot panel quilt for Debbie’s new Grandson Jaxon:

Jaxon one

Bright and colourful, such fun to stitch:

Jaxon two

Peggy’s magic binding brings just the right pop of colour to the edge:

Jaxon binding

and the label….

Jaxon qult label

Here’s hoping I’ll be back to more quilting soon.


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