Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jumbo in the Jungle

Julie asked me to quilt this sweet quilt for her Grand Daughter.

Jumbo quilt

A simple but very effective pattern. 5” squares sewn in rows with every second row off set by half a square. These fabrics all came from Spotlight. I’m not promoting Spotlight but I often hear people comment that you can’t get a good range of fabrics at Spotlight. I think this little selection is very attractive.

More spirals – they seem to suit this quilt. With a nice flannel on the back this quilt has great snuggle appeal.

Jumbo Collage

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Julie.



  1. Snuggly and gorgeous. I really like the layout a lot!

  2. as you say the off set squares work very well and give a lovely look to the design. Just by off setting them gives a completely different look to the design, think I will have to add this to the "to do" list

  3. I really like the off set squares what a good idea for a quick n easy quilt
    I'm tidying my sewing room this weekend with the hope of sitting behind my machine soon

  4. What a great idea for 5" squares very, very effective. Love the slippers - are you getting ready for next week?


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