Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sweet Peas first Row by Row finish….

When we had our first hand over for our Sweet Peas Row by Row we discovered that Moira was requesting heart blocks to make a quilt for a dear friend who is facing a serious health challenge. Unbeknown to Moira we decided to get a wriggle on and make her rows quickly. At the second hand over (4 weeks later) Moira received her bag back with all the rows completed. Two weeks later she had assembled her rows ready for quilting.I offered to quilt it for her.

Moiras heart quilt flimsy

Moira supplied a nice soft cream fabric which we all used as the background in our blocks. I think it looks like rippled French vanilla ice cream.

Moiras Heart quilt collage

Moira popped a nice selection of fabrics into her bag. We added more fabrics too. The quilt has a very pleasing co-ordinated look.

Just one more glimpse:


Do you like those feather fans across the bottom? We hope Moira’s friend will be comforted by her quilt and feels the love.

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  1. Beautiful blue colours on vanilla ice cream :) Your sophisticated quilting makes the applique pop out beautifully!

  2. It's beautiful Linda. What a smart looking quilt it turned out to be. I sure hope she finds lots of comfort under that beauty.

  3. Beautiful quilt, very calming and I can see that this is an ideal gift for a friend who is not well.
    Your quilting is out of this world Linda! All the hearts are just popping!

  4. What a beautiful and special quilt. I love the way the way everyone has their own style of hearts. This is truely a heartfelt gift.

  5. Seriously beautiful Linda. I love the colours in this quilt. You all did a wonderful job for someone that sounds very deserving of a pick me up!

  6. This is such a beautiful quilt and you can see it is full of love. Well done Sweet Peas, and grand quilting Linda. A special gift.

  7. this is a beauty and I am sure will mean lots to the lady especially as she knows it was made with so much love

  8. Oh my this scrappy heart quilt is beautiful I bet the lady who is getting it will be so touched. LOVE your quilting it sure makes a quilt POP.


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