Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Sundries…

…. in spite of  the big drop of snow on the mountains on the 30th of April we haven’t had a frost yet. The trees are late dropping leaves. We have some glorious colours around. Friday morning early I looked across the river and saw one tree with red leaves glowing in the early morning sun amongst the evergreens.

Trees on far bank of Waikato river 2

Lots of glowing leaves.


…but wait look at this:


The weather has been so mild that Cosmos plants have self sown and are re-flowering in our front garden.Our lemon trees are laden with fruit.


…and just so you know  I have been quilting:

Trish's swoon block_1

Thanks for popping by.



  1. That one tree amongst the others is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Great time of the year! Love the colours.

  3. The beauty of Nature is unparalleled. Enjoy!

  4. We, too, have cosmos, but the first frost was yesterday, not too white, just a little crispy on the lawn, and a touch on the roof, Love that quilting star. Hugs, Jean.

  5. Beautiful shot of the Taupo Autumn foliage Linda

  6. What an amazingly colourful view from your window.

    My tulips are very confused as are my sweet peas. All the ongoing warm weather we have been having has addled their thought process around when they should be appearing!

  7. how I love the autumn colours, my dream is to visit America one day and see them in all trier glory but alas it is just a dream. Good to see you have been doing some quilting too


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