Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday sundries……

…… many quilts I have and what I do with them. I have a large walk in wardrobe and some quilts are stored in there on the top shelf. They were getting messy and looking seriously like they were going to topple down on top of me. Thursday I got them all down to sort, refold and put back tidy. I counted them, thirty seven quilts. quilt tidy up

As I sit in the lounge and write this I can see eleven quilts. We have twenty five quilt tops waiting to be quilted. There are quilts hanging in other rooms and  on beds; today I found four more in the airing cupboard. I’m beginning to think if I a had serious count up I might reach a hundred.

A girl can never have too many quilts, right?

What would a Sunday post be with out a cat picture or two. Koko and Kaiser are such sooki babies, they love to be tucked up.cats in tents 2

Sunday lunch today, Honey glazed chicken and bacon bites. I’m popping up a photo from the recipe writer’s blog  Kayotic Kitchen

Chicken & Bacon Bites

It looked so good I had eaten half of mine before I thought of a photo. This recipe is very nice. When I make it again I will buy shaved bacon, it would be easier to wrap around the chicken.

A little while ago I found Mum’s old watch in a drawer.I remember when Mum purchased it. Those were the days when people proudly spoke of how many jewels their watch had. This one has fifteen. Mum wore this watch every day , every where – even to the cow shed when she was milking cows. It was not working and a tad worse for wear.

Mums watch Collage 2

I took Mum’s watch to Pilbrows Watchmaker here in Taupo. They cleaned it, got it ticking again and sourced a new strap just like the old one.A nice family treasure to have restored and timely that I have it back in time for Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day collage

Thanks for the memories Mum.



  1. you are right a girl can never have too many quilts, I though have hardly any so certainly wil never have 100! Dinner looks mouthwatering. How lovely to have had Mums watch repaired and working again, I too have a watch you have to wind every day

  2. Oh my gosh, 37!! You need to get some quilt ladders like those flash American quilters have to show your masterpieces off.

  3. I love it...all those quilts are most necessary, and of course, there are many more that just HAVE to be I haven't been brave enough to count mine up yet, but perhaps I should start counting. Your Mum's watch is lovely, I remember those watch straps. A lovely, lovely memory. Cats look happy too.

  4. That's a whole lot of quilts - but nothing wrong with that. After all, your household boasts not one but two quilters!
    Thanks for the recipe link - will certainly be making your chicken and bacon dish.

  5. How lovely to read about your Mum's watch, so pleased you were able to have it working again and with a replica strap.
    One hundred quilts - I would think you need a dedicated quilt display room for all those.

  6. My mother gave me a nice wrist watch (engraved on the back) as a high school graduation gift. I wore it many, many years. I still have it and wonder if it still works. Thanks for jogging that memory.

  7. Yay Linda!! I am thrilled about your mom's watch... beautiful repair/restoration!
    Pft... one can NEVER have too many quilts. :) [or sewing machines. lol .. don't ask]
    Your BFFF's (Best Feline Friends Forever) are crazy cute.
    Happiest Mother's day to you and waving way way South at your friendly self!!
    ~ Christina in Cleveland, OH

  8. I think I've made less than a hundred quilts ...cant imagine having a hundred lurking round ..I simply do not have space. I do a quilt clean out at least once a year and give some away and usually I make one with someone in mind and then gift it as soon as it's done.

    So wonderful your Mum's watch is working again -it really is quite beautiful aside from the memories it must have for you.

  9. Wow.. that's a wonderful collection of quilts! Reading back thru' your earlier blog entries, I see you rotate your quilts on display which is lovely too. Linda


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