Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday sundries

Our flock is growing……..

Happy hen string holder

I thought you might like to see my Spider web quilt, it’s the one hanging on the rack in the entrance way.

Spiderweb quilt

I made this in 2008 for a Midnight Mystery evening with Taupo Quiltmakers. There's a lot of stitching in this quilt but it does gobble up a pile of scraps.I love the 60s op art effect of the pattern.You can find the pattern for this on Mary’s site.

Our beautiful mountains received their first coating of snow for the season.

First snowfall 30 April  ver 2 2014 IMG_0577

….and just a wee peek at what I am working on just now.

wee peek alison's quilt

Lunch today, roast pheasant.

Roast pheassant two

I hope your week has been super.



  1. love the spiders web quilt, when I get enough scraps I think I will have to make one. Fingers crossed you get a mild winter like we have had this year. Like what you are working on now. I see we can pin your things, can you tell me how you put the button on your photos, I know how to pin yours to my board but do not know who to let others pin mine when I put them on my blog.

  2. Just popped in for a quick look and was surprised to see your spiderweb quilt. I love it. Thanks for linking to the website.

  3. Spider Web is a favourite of mine and I thought this looked great on the rack in your entry hall. I have stacks of older fabrics and I think this would be a good project to use them up!

  4. Love the Spider Web with all its gorgeous colors and fabrics!

    Ooooh, please share more on the quilted dresser scarves. They are interesting.

    The roast pheasant looks yummy.

  5. Your Spider Web quilt is very striking. I have plans to make a scrappy quilt and I need to do it before my scraps multiple and choke me!! I will have to check out Mary's site again. Keep posting photos of your works..

  6. I am rather partial to spider web quilts but have never made one for myself. I think I might just admire yours a bit longer before I take the plunge!

    The project du jour is looking very lovely. Looks like lots of work!

  7. Where on earth do you get pheasant from? A friendly hunter perhaps?

  8. I am looking forward to more than a peek, It looks beautiful

  9. Hi Linda,
    Gorgeous spider web and love the intriguing look at what you are working on. As for the pheasant, ours got away on the way to Te Awamutu yesterday!!! It ran across the road in front of me and all I could see in the rear view mirror was feathers flying and the bird on the berm running flat Saw your beautiful coating of snow on the mountains too. Couldn't see anything today for the rain!! Couldn't stop as we had come down from Auckland and were trying to get home in one day.

  10. I love your quilt and your mountains are beautiful :)

  11. The spider web quilt is really fun. I like the way the pattern creates a pinwheel at the center of each block. Your new project looks wonderful too, I'm a big fan of doilies!! I'm not sure if I've ever eaten pheasant, your meal looks very tasty.


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