Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Soft and Pretty

Sue made this quilt for he niece who is about ten years old. Apparently she is quite the sophisticated young lady, she didn’t want little girlie fabric.

Sues quilt

Sue requested a soft all over pattern, lots of swirls. Even the odd heart thrown in:

Sue's quilt

I love the back – it reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream:

Sues quilt back

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Sue.

……….and just so you know the Cat scanning seal of approval has been given!

Sues quilt cat scanned

Thanks for popping by.




  1. very pretty all girls love pink!

  2. Such a sweet, girlie quilt - I love your quilted swirls and hearts!

  3. I love the hearts in swirls quilting.

  4. It does look like raspberry swirl ice cream! I love it.

  5. Beautiful and a perfect choice for a discerning 10 year old girl. The quilting is completely complimentary to the quilt style. Another winner!

  6. Great quilt and now I am hungry for ice cream. SO glad it passed the CAT scan... lol I loved that line. :) Beautiful quilting.
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

  7. so very pretty, the quilting just adds something special to the softness of the colours & pattern ... do you free motion quilt, looking at the odd heart there?? if so, it's just wonderful! Linda


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