Friday, May 23, 2014

Everything old is new again…

Alison likes to make quilts out of charming old linens. You may remember I quilted one for her last year, you can see it here.

Her latest one has an almost Art Deco look.Here’s how it looked…..

Alisons linen quilt before collage

I started on the middle doily with tiny McTavish, then moved onto the next section with small peacock feather loops.


I stitched around all the embroideries  much as you would with applique.


Then onto the supper cloth. Once again close stitching around the embroidery and then an extra echo before moving onto some McDazzle.

Alisons supper cloth McDazzle

Alisons linen quilt middle mcdazzle

Then I added feathers…

Alisons linen quilt middle finished

The last area to quilt, the outer border/table cloth. I used a new to me all over pattern here. Butterclams , thanks to Lyn Durbic for putting up a great tutorial about this. It was the perfect pattern to tame this area of the quilt.


I think it all came together superbly:


Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Alison.



  1. I love your quilting on this Linda. Hope you still have it with you on Monday.

  2. It's stunning! Well done, Linda!

  3. You really are an artist Linda- you took something that had good bones and made it something sublimely special. Im sure Alison will be thrilled !

  4. Wow, what a transformation. It is beautiful.

  5. amazing is the word that came as soon as I saw this, such beautiful quilting

  6. Well your "I think it all came together superbly" is the understatement of the year!!
    Your quilting is absolutely stunning, I love what you have done with the McTavishing. The beautiful embroidered doilies and small cloths from Mum and an Aunt which have been folded in the linen cupboard are now giving me ideas.

  7. Your quilting is amazing! You've completely transformed that cloth into a beautiful quilt :)

  8. It is amazing how quilting something completely changes it's appearance. Lovely job.


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