Thursday, May 29, 2014

Swooning around….

Our friend Andreena has been swanning around the South Island for eight weeks. While she has been away her Sweet Pea girl friends have been busy working on a secret project. You see Andreena is celebrating a significant birthday on Friday. Some of us were nearly swooning at the challenge! It was all worth it though.

Swoon quilt

The blocks are HUGE, nine blocks make a 80” square quilt. Very hard to capture a picture of. The original Swoon quilt has Baptist fans on it which I love but I think Spirals look great too.

Swoon quilt

Yesterday we gathered for morning tea and presented Andreena with her quilt.

Andreena draped with Swoon quilt 1

One very happy Sweet Pea!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Everything old is new again…

Alison likes to make quilts out of charming old linens. You may remember I quilted one for her last year, you can see it here.

Her latest one has an almost Art Deco look.Here’s how it looked…..

Alisons linen quilt before collage

I started on the middle doily with tiny McTavish, then moved onto the next section with small peacock feather loops.


I stitched around all the embroideries  much as you would with applique.


Then onto the supper cloth. Once again close stitching around the embroidery and then an extra echo before moving onto some McDazzle.

Alisons supper cloth McDazzle

Alisons linen quilt middle mcdazzle

Then I added feathers…

Alisons linen quilt middle finished

The last area to quilt, the outer border/table cloth. I used a new to me all over pattern here. Butterclams , thanks to Lyn Durbic for putting up a great tutorial about this. It was the perfect pattern to tame this area of the quilt.


I think it all came together superbly:


Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Alison.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Sundries…

…. in spite of  the big drop of snow on the mountains on the 30th of April we haven’t had a frost yet. The trees are late dropping leaves. We have some glorious colours around. Friday morning early I looked across the river and saw one tree with red leaves glowing in the early morning sun amongst the evergreens.

Trees on far bank of Waikato river 2

Lots of glowing leaves.


…but wait look at this:


The weather has been so mild that Cosmos plants have self sown and are re-flowering in our front garden.Our lemon trees are laden with fruit.


…and just so you know  I have been quilting:

Trish's swoon block_1

Thanks for popping by.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sweet Peas first Row by Row finish….

When we had our first hand over for our Sweet Peas Row by Row we discovered that Moira was requesting heart blocks to make a quilt for a dear friend who is facing a serious health challenge. Unbeknown to Moira we decided to get a wriggle on and make her rows quickly. At the second hand over (4 weeks later) Moira received her bag back with all the rows completed. Two weeks later she had assembled her rows ready for quilting.I offered to quilt it for her.

Moiras heart quilt flimsy

Moira supplied a nice soft cream fabric which we all used as the background in our blocks. I think it looks like rippled French vanilla ice cream.

Moiras Heart quilt collage

Moira popped a nice selection of fabrics into her bag. We added more fabrics too. The quilt has a very pleasing co-ordinated look.

Just one more glimpse:


Do you like those feather fans across the bottom? We hope Moira’s friend will be comforted by her quilt and feels the love.

Thanks for popping by


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday sundries……

…… many quilts I have and what I do with them. I have a large walk in wardrobe and some quilts are stored in there on the top shelf. They were getting messy and looking seriously like they were going to topple down on top of me. Thursday I got them all down to sort, refold and put back tidy. I counted them, thirty seven quilts. quilt tidy up

As I sit in the lounge and write this I can see eleven quilts. We have twenty five quilt tops waiting to be quilted. There are quilts hanging in other rooms and  on beds; today I found four more in the airing cupboard. I’m beginning to think if I a had serious count up I might reach a hundred.

A girl can never have too many quilts, right?

What would a Sunday post be with out a cat picture or two. Koko and Kaiser are such sooki babies, they love to be tucked up.cats in tents 2

Sunday lunch today, Honey glazed chicken and bacon bites. I’m popping up a photo from the recipe writer’s blog  Kayotic Kitchen

Chicken & Bacon Bites

It looked so good I had eaten half of mine before I thought of a photo. This recipe is very nice. When I make it again I will buy shaved bacon, it would be easier to wrap around the chicken.

A little while ago I found Mum’s old watch in a drawer.I remember when Mum purchased it. Those were the days when people proudly spoke of how many jewels their watch had. This one has fifteen. Mum wore this watch every day , every where – even to the cow shed when she was milking cows. It was not working and a tad worse for wear.

Mums watch Collage 2

I took Mum’s watch to Pilbrows Watchmaker here in Taupo. They cleaned it, got it ticking again and sourced a new strap just like the old one.A nice family treasure to have restored and timely that I have it back in time for Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day collage

Thanks for the memories Mum.


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Soft and Pretty

Sue made this quilt for he niece who is about ten years old. Apparently she is quite the sophisticated young lady, she didn’t want little girlie fabric.

Sues quilt

Sue requested a soft all over pattern, lots of swirls. Even the odd heart thrown in:

Sue's quilt

I love the back – it reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream:

Sues quilt back

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Sue.

……….and just so you know the Cat scanning seal of approval has been given!

Sues quilt cat scanned

Thanks for popping by.



Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday sundries

Our flock is growing……..

Happy hen string holder

I thought you might like to see my Spider web quilt, it’s the one hanging on the rack in the entrance way.

Spiderweb quilt

I made this in 2008 for a Midnight Mystery evening with Taupo Quiltmakers. There's a lot of stitching in this quilt but it does gobble up a pile of scraps.I love the 60s op art effect of the pattern.You can find the pattern for this on Mary’s site.

Our beautiful mountains received their first coating of snow for the season.

First snowfall 30 April  ver 2 2014 IMG_0577

….and just a wee peek at what I am working on just now.

wee peek alison's quilt

Lunch today, roast pheasant.

Roast pheassant two

I hope your week has been super.


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