Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Happy Hens have company…

……Today Peggy spotted  a range of kitchen linen featuring chickens at Briscoes.

Happy hen pot holders

We just had to have some of that didn’t we? They also had tea towel sets to match, had to have those too. When we returned home I remembered I had watched a video yesterday about making an apron from a tea towel. I bet you can guess what happened next.

Happy hen aprom on dresser

Check out the pocket detail:

Happy Hen apron trim

Very cute, yes?

The apron was ubber easy to make. I did make my pocket smaller, I suspect American tea towels are perhaps as big as Texas.  Click here for directions.

Thanks for popping by.



  1. Those chickens are so cute! Such fun colours and cute faces. I love that you made an apron to match.

  2. It's adorable.

    Hmm, some American tea towels are large, but I doubt many would be large enough to make an apron.

  3. Love it Linda. Love your creativity...and Peggy's good spotting!

  4. Cute chooks - think I may have to visit Briscoes this week too ....


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