Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good bye Summer

Sunbonnet Sue has left the entrance to be replaced by Peggy’s Oriental Ladies:


Nine go to Calico Christmas above the sofa in the lounge:

Nine go to CC

Our Vintage Hexies at the other end of the lounge:

Hexi quilt

Check out the 70’s colours and prints.


Our rescued Hearts in the Sunroom:

Heart quilt

This quilt has had a wee beauty treatment since we last hung it. Peggy took off the plain cream binding and replaced it with magic binding with a wee pop of colour.

Heart quilt new trim

Looks smarter doesn’t it? It’s nice to have a change.

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  1. What a delight to see your quilts in your home - we have such a lot of windows in our place it's difficult to to display mine but yours looked beautiful.

  2. Love the quilts displayed everywhere in your home. They look lovely and welcoming.

  3. Absolute stunners- each and every one of them. I'd never thought to decorate seasonally with quilts! (I just grab whichever one is closest and chuck it somewhere handy!)

  4. you have some real beauties here and the quilting on the hearts one looks amazing

  5. Your quilts are stunning! It must be lovely to have them all around your house :)

  6. Beautiful quilts altogether, I especially love the subtle Christmas quilt!

  7. Your home is a definite giveaway about there being quilters in residence! That hexagon quilt is a stunner, though I love them all....


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