Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Sundries…..

My op shop treasure of the week:
B and W quilt Collage 2
Blue and white strippy, toile with beautiful quilting. Loving this. The quilting is all hand  guided. Queen sized, in excellent condition.
To go with our happy quilt for Sakurako, SP Andreena has gifted this Teddy.             SP Moira made the sweet heart to go around Teddy’s neck and wrote Sakurako’s name on the back.
My latest project on the frames. SID completed and some ruler work started:
pink and blue no 2PicMonkey Collage
……and just because you didn’t see him last week, here’s tough tough Kaiser:
tough tough Kaiser PicMonkey Collage
Hope you’ve had a nice weekend and a great week ahead planned.


  1. what a great op shop find. Kaiser looks so at home and such a show off!!

  2. Gosh I agree, what a find! Do you mean hand quilted? I love the colours in the quilt you are working on. Kaiser looks as huge as one of our cats - and just as satisfied!

  3. You must have a good op shop in Taupo!

  4. You find some wonderful treasures at the Op shop, and this one is truly lovely!

  5. Another lovely OP Shop score. Truly beautiful. It never ceases to amaze me what some people throw away!

  6. GREAT op shop find !! !!
    My cat is currently asleep IN my washing basket


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