Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday sundries

Our cats take their cat scanning duties seriously. No sooner do we pop a quilt on the floor and they appear.

Cat and quilts PicMonkey Collage

Food has been pretty yummy too. Fillet Mignon (thanks Richard) Saturday, Roast wild turkey breast today. Yum oh.

Yummy foodCollage

Peggy has been busy planting out our pots:

Daffodils bulbs planted with Pansies on top. This is going to look brilliant.

Daffs and pansies

Polyanthus and Violas here:

Polys and violasIMG_0352_1

Nice little op shop find, Temuka ware with Pansies.

Pansy plates temuka

I haven’t seen this pattern in TeMuka ware before. Anybody know how old it is?


  1. can see the quilts meet with the cats approval and rightly so. A very pretty piece of china

  2. What a fun post!

    I love cats and had some for many years until I suddenly developed an allergy. Sigh!

  3. I think the laying all over new quilts thing must be imprinted into cat DNA of mine does that too.

    Im waiting for an invite to your place for lunch one day - that food looks divine!

  4. I'm sure they think they're 'helping'! Love your pots, they are going to be amazing in spring too...
    Good friends of our received lots of this pattern when they got married in 1996 if that's any help. Our dinner set(from our wedding mostly too) is the Lisbon lemons Temuka set. I love their ware, it is a lovely weight and is almost unbreakable.

  5. Furry friends, food and flowers plus fine looking plates. Almost sticking to the letter "F" today Linda, lol. Pansies are my most favourite flower....they are so cheery and flower on forever. Oops, definitely the day of the letter "f" as they say on Sesame Street!!! :-)

  6. When I got married in 1999 we received a lot of the lemon Temukua pottery and also the blue and yellow.
    This is lovely (as is the embroidery it's sitting on) my Nanas nickname from her siblings was Pansy therefore you've made me smile xxx


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