Sunday, March 09, 2014

Happy Blocks

This afternoon I have been enjoying sewing some Happy Blocks.These are such fun to make. It’s hard to stop!

Happy Block 2

This is a great block for a group quilt. Practically no seams to match up. very forgiving too if they need a wee trim. Hmmmm, not sure about the one second from the left. Think I’ll undo that one and put a different border on. Not enough contrast there.If you would like to learn how to make Happy Blocks Mary has an excellent tutorial on her site.

This year the members of our in house quilting group Sweet Peas are participating in a Row by Row Round Robin. As well as sewing Happy Blocks I have been preparing my bag of goodies ready to go on its way. We have our first handover on Wednesday.

My bag is ready to go:

Row x row

Hope your Sunday has been relaxed and fun.


  1. what a good name for the blocks, they certainly made me smile and no seam matching, perfect!

  2. I love the bright colors off the Happy Blocks.

  3. I'd leave that purple happy block...once its in amongst the rest of the blocks you wont notice that it's less contrasting . These blocks would be great for quick charity quilts...


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