Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bits and Bobs

All the stitch in the ditch completed on Peggy’s Oriental themed quilt. Now I am stitching texture into the picture panels:

Oriental quilt picture blockIMG_0247_1

I am using mono poly thread to do this stitching. Bertha has been coping well with mono poly thread. I am so pleased to be able use this thread on my long arm. Not everybody likes to use it but I think it does some jobs best.

And speaking of Bertha, look at this:

Bertha has bling

Bertha has bling!! This is Bertha’s touch screen. On the left under the pale pink bling is the Pick up switch. On the right under the dark pink is the Tie off switch. A friend suggested popping stick on bling on top of the switches. This means that I don’t have to take my eye of my stitching to activate the switches, I can just reach and touch.

Remember my happy blocks and the one I wasn’t happy with? Well I unpicked it and put a new frame around it.

Happy block fix

Better, yes?

Thanks for popping by


  1. happy blocks looking so happy. What a very nice quilt you are quilting.

  2. Oh my, the revised Happy Block is even happier!

  3. I love Bertha's jewellery - that gal knows how to do bling.

  4. I just love where you are going with the quilting on Peggy's japanese quilt. Looking forward to seeing more of your quilting. I agree, the happy blocks do look happier.

  5. Better yes!
    Love Bertha's bling!!! And it's a great idea! Oh my, it's a wonderful idea! You are exactly right, one has to look up to hit those little little screen switches, half the time I miss them! This is perfect :0) Thank you!
    I've been playing with mono poly as well and like how it runs on the Innova. Didn't think I would ever use it, but there are times that it works as you say best. I recently purchased a quilt quilted by Cindy Needham (quilted years ago) beautiful feathers done with mono poly. I was surprised! It certainly is the perfect choice for Peggy's quilt. Love what you've done so far!


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