Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Sundries……

We have some lovely pink things going on in our garden. Our Silk tree has grown a lot since we installed its own personal watering line last summer and the Cosmos at the front door has gone totally out of control!Mary rose continues to bloom abundantly.

Pink in garden

The bees think it is wonderful.


Kaiser doing his “Oh woe is me, let me in under the quit”. Koko doing her grumpy “Oh no, not on your nelly” look

Kaiser trys to get under quilt with Koko

Kaiser of course triumphed!

Kaiser  gest under quilt with Koko

He’s a top cat our Kaiser

Speeding my way through a quilt which must must come off the frame to day to be bound and ready to post tomorrow.

Sneak peek Normans quilt

All and all it’s a good Sunday. How’s your day going?


  1. You're certainly a heck of a lot busier than your two lovely cats! Are they brother and sister?
    My day is going pretty well going to work on another small art piece later.

  2. Hello Linda,

    Silk trees are one of my favourite, yours is a beauty. Enjoy those cats, they look so at home on the quilts.

    Happy days.

  3. Lovely to see your blooms. It is still snowy here and the wind is howling.

  4. good to see some colour in the garden, I now have snowdrops, crocus and one anemone out, lets hope we do not get any snow now as the daffodils etc are peeping up through the soil. Quilt looking good and the cats look so snug and warm

  5. Love your garden - we had Cosmos by our door last summer. Just a tiny pot transplanted into the soil and it grew and grew and grew! I never expected that as I hadn't had it before, but it was great! How lovely to work on such gorgeous quilts - and the cats love them too! xCathy

  6. Hmnnnn-Im coming to you for gardening tips when I start plonking things in the ground . Your pink floral display is gorgeous!

    Seems Sunday was quite the day for quilting this week on both sides of our rather large pond! Love the circles on your latest creation.

  7. Those cosmos are so cheerful. My old house had two beautiful silk trees - so nice for dappled summer shade.


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