Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sally’s Easy Street……



Sally made this quilt following a Mystery Quilt pattern created by Bonnie Hunter.The pattern is called “East Street”. Sadly it is no longer available on line.

Sally and I discussed her quilt and agreed it would look great with all over spirals. I love that moment when stitches start to go into a quilt. The texture changes the look of the top so much.

     Sally 2 IMG_0102Sally 6 IMG_0106

Sometimes the spirals fall on blocks looking like they are in just the right place.

Spirals on Star Sallys quiltThe texture looks great on the back.

Sallys quilt back

One more pic – just because I can.

Sally quilt collage

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Sally.


  1. What a lovely fresh quilt. I love Sally's colours and your quilting really enhances it Linda. Great job you two!!

  2. I did this mystery too. The units are waiting to be joined into a quilt top. Not sure when that is going to happen! The pattern will be available in Bonnie's next book, out later this year I think.

  3. It's a lovely quilt, and the spirals work well with the pattern.

  4. Love how Sally used black and white prints as the background with bright colors. Your spiral quilting is perfect! Well done!!!
    (note: Sunday is install day!)

  5. This quilt turned out beautiful with your spiral quilting! Love the bright colors she used too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. beautiful quilt. love the colours and the spirals I sure have a heart for.

  7. I love spirals on quilts ...Sally's quilt is just lovely - the colours , the design and now the quilting .

  8. Love the quilt! Love the quilting! Remember those spirals for my next quilt Linda!

  9. this is a real beauty, great design, pretty fabrics and lovely quilting

  10. I should finish my top, but I lost interest halfway through the Mystery. What colour thread did you use, looks like a pale blue/aqua? Or is it white?

  11. Lovely to see more of your beautiful spirals there Linda, I had lots of lovely comments from the ladies about my Scrappy Trip at my quilting group the other night. They all wanted to know who had quilted it! I'm about halfway round stitching the binding down...


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