Thursday, February 27, 2014

Maxie’s trio

I promised I’d share these with you.



A different style for each one:

Maxies trio collage

Once again I have to comment on this gorgeous golden Magnifico #2062 thread. This is one of those threads that looks not so good on the spool but works marvellously with lots of different fabrics.


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  1. very nice and good to see how different they all look whilst being the same

  2. Lovely quilting Linda, love your different styles and the great movement you achieve. I know what you mean about a colour that looks ugly but works amazingly well. I too am beginning to fall in love with the Superior Magnifico threads.

  3. Adorable. All gloriously different but works of art...and the quilting rocks!

  4. Beautiful, your quilting is gorgeous! You nailed it with Magnifico, wonderful thread on fabric, not so much on the cone! Can't wait to see how it quilts up on the Innova :0)


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