Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Let me introduce a couple of new arrivals….

At Christmas time Peggy and I were given two rose bushes. When our brother Norman was staying he lovingly planted them out for us. His care and attention has paid off because we have had our first blooms.

This is dazzling splash of colour is Golden Tribute:

Golden tribute

and this beauty is Mary Rose:

Mary rose

Aren’t we lucky?

I am getting my stitching Mojo back. I have been quilting a quilt made from a Bonnie Hunter mystery pattern Pictures of that to follow soon. I have just completed these micro wave bowls for a family member:

Micro wave bowls

I have written about these before. The pattern I use can be found at Tamarack Shack. I did discover a little speed up tip. When I cut my batting I cut it ½ an inch smaller than the fabric square. I put a wee puff of quilting spray on the middle of the fabric and centred the batting on top. The spay holds the batting in place until the darts are stitched, this eliminates the need for Step 7, trimming the batting.


(AKA the shortcut kid)


  1. Lovely roses and I must make one of those microwave bowls- I will have a look at the link for instructions.

  2. Beautiful roses, Mary Rose has the sweetest scent, one of my favourite roses too. Thanks for the link to the bowls, I had no idea what a microwave bowl was, now I do!! Have a lovely Waitangi Day tomorrow...

  3. Great tip! I'll have to try that the next time I make the bowls! Thanks for sharing my tutorial and glad you found it useful! :)

  4. GORGEOUS roses!!!! With all the snow outside my window, I am basking in their beauty. Thank you!
    The bowls look fun if I ever microwaved anything besides reheating tea/coffee. :) Just have to use those for something else. :) :)
    Enjoy your beautiful weather for me!
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

  5. Your roses are just so pretty ....Im thinking about putting some in during winter ...we'll see if that actually happens!

    Im trying to think about what I could use the microwave bowls for - baked spuds? Its a great idea and I need an excuse to make some !

  6. Glorious to see your beautiful roses on this dreary winter day!

  7. Absolutely adore "Mary Rose" - it is such a true rose in looks and scent.


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