Thursday, February 27, 2014

Maxie’s trio

I promised I’d share these with you.



A different style for each one:

Maxies trio collage

Once again I have to comment on this gorgeous golden Magnifico #2062 thread. This is one of those threads that looks not so good on the spool but works marvellously with lots of different fabrics.


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sweet Peas…….

Golly I haven’t typed that for awhile! I actually attended the gathering today. It was nice to be with all the Sweet Peas again.

We had some nice show and tell. Let me share:

Debbie watched a video from the Missouri Quilt Company the other day and just had to make cushion using their technique:

Debbie's cushion

Peggy showed her taggie cuddle quilt. This has Minkie on the back, so soft.

Peggy's taggie quilt

Margaret showed her Monet style wall hanging:

Margaret's Monet quilt


……and of course because it is Margaret’s quilt there has to be a pussy cat:

Margaret's Monet quilt cat

Mary and Rochelle have both made modern style baby quilts. Mary’s yet to be quilted, Rochelle’s totally finished – completed with magic binding.They both look very pretty and fresh.

Mary's baby quilt                       Rochelle's Baby quilt

I like Rochelle’s modern straight line quilting.


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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Millstones and Milestones…..

Our eldest brother Norman turned 70 today. He is a modest kind of guy who insisted that no fuss be made. He was heard to mutter more than once that another year was just another Millstone around his neck, We kept saying it was a Milestone not a Millstone.

So here it is, his Millstones and Milestones quilt.

Normans quilt full shot

Peggy pieced the top, I quilted it and Peggy applied magic binding.

Normans quilt Collage

Happy Birthday Big Brother. We love you!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Sundries……

We have some lovely pink things going on in our garden. Our Silk tree has grown a lot since we installed its own personal watering line last summer and the Cosmos at the front door has gone totally out of control!Mary rose continues to bloom abundantly.

Pink in garden

The bees think it is wonderful.


Kaiser doing his “Oh woe is me, let me in under the quit”. Koko doing her grumpy “Oh no, not on your nelly” look

Kaiser trys to get under quilt with Koko

Kaiser of course triumphed!

Kaiser  gest under quilt with Koko

He’s a top cat our Kaiser

Speeding my way through a quilt which must must come off the frame to day to be bound and ready to post tomorrow.

Sneak peek Normans quilt

All and all it’s a good Sunday. How’s your day going?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Maxie’s quilts

It’s a been awhile since I have quilted any of Maxie’s  wee quilts. They are the perfect size to pop on the frame side by side.


I have to be careful to find a thread that will look equally good on each quilt. In this instance I selected Superior Magnifico # 2165 Stainless Steel.

Maxies pink

It’s fun to change patterns a little from quilt to quilt too.

Maxies blue

Same pattern, very different looks don’t you think?


I have three on the frame now. I’ll share with you when I complete.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sweet Treat….

Look what I received in the post:

Sweet treat

I joined in Cat’s Sew Sweet Swap.I was partnered with Julie of Julie Lou. Julie is obviously a perfectionist! Her attention to detail is amazing!

Look at these items close up:

Sweet treat 2

Look at the hand stitching on the pouch, even the tassel is a blend of colours. The card made with card stock to match the fabric even inked on stitches. Inside lined with very pretty vintage sheeting.

sweet treat 3

Pin cushion features a very sweet pansy fabric. Thank you Julie, I love my goodies.

Shall I show you what I sent to Julie?Julies sweet treats

Tea bag wallet, snap happy purse and mug rug.The tea bag tags can be found at ShrimpSaladCircus. I’m adding links just in case you want to make any of these things.

……and of course the parcel wouldn’t be complete with out a few extra Sweet Treats:

Julies sweet treats collection

Cat, thank you for organising this swap. Cat seems to organise a few swaps through the year so if you would like to join in the fun make sure you follow her blog.

Julie thank you for being such a super swap partner.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sally’s Easy Street……



Sally made this quilt following a Mystery Quilt pattern created by Bonnie Hunter.The pattern is called “East Street”. Sadly it is no longer available on line.

Sally and I discussed her quilt and agreed it would look great with all over spirals. I love that moment when stitches start to go into a quilt. The texture changes the look of the top so much.

     Sally 2 IMG_0102Sally 6 IMG_0106

Sometimes the spirals fall on blocks looking like they are in just the right place.

Spirals on Star Sallys quiltThe texture looks great on the back.

Sallys quilt back

One more pic – just because I can.

Sally quilt collage

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Sally.

Friday, February 07, 2014

It’s the little things….

…….that brighten a day

Bright flowers from a friend’s garden. Thanks Margaret.

Flowers from Margaret

Cosy cats

Cosy cats

After two years without plums the promise of some beauties this year

First Plum

Our hydrangeas are producing some glorious colours

Hyderangeas collage

Last but not least our glorious mountains early this morning

Mountains early morning 7 Feb 2014

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

New Zealand Day

I always wondered how New Zealand Day morphed into Waitangi Day.  I well remember when Norman Kirk (Big Norm) announced we would have a National Day.

I felt it was a great idea to encourage National pride. With the change of title our National Pride day seems to have turned into a National Day of guilt, sack cloth and ashes. How sad that something we all could have celebrated and been proud of was snatched away from us.

I found this information on Wikipedia.

New Zealand Day

In 1971 the Labour shadow minister of of Māori Affairs, Matiu Rata, introduced a private member's bill to make Waitangi Day a national holiday, to be called New Zealand Day. This was not passed into law. After the 1972 election of the third Labour government under Norman Kirk, it was announced that from 1974 Waitangi Day would be a national holiday known as New Zealand Day. The New Zealand Day Act 1973 was passed in 1973.

For Norman Kirk, the change was simply an acceptance that New Zealand was ready to move towards a broader concept of nationhood. Diplomatic posts had for some years marked the day, and it seemed timely in view of the country's increasing role on the international stage that the national day be known as New Zealand Day. At the 1974 celebrations, the Flag of New Zealand was flown for the first time at the top of the flagstaff at Waitangi, rather than the Union Flag, and a replica of the flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand was also flown.

The election of the third National government in 1975 led to the day being renamed Waitangi Day because the new Prime Minister, Robert Muldoon, did not like the name "New Zealand Day" and many Māori felt the new name debased the Treaty of Waitangi.[3] Another Waitangi Day Act was passed in 1976 to change the name of the day back to Waitangi Day.

All of  this made me think of a poem my Grandmother Susan Dassler wrote many years ago about Kiwis.


Why are we labelled Kiwis?

Where can we place the blame?

What charms has this unlovely bird,

That we should take his name?

He cannot fly  with ne’er a wing,

He has no voice – he cannot sing

No song of joy, no liquid note

Has ever issued from his throat.

He’s down-to-earth, and drab and shy

And he ne’er looks up towards the sky

He has no tail to flirt and spread,

To lure a mate into his bed.

He shuns the day, and while it’s light,

He sulks and lurks beneath the scrub,

But digs and delves throughout the night,

And he thinks of nothing but his grub!

He’s really neither smart or nimble-

Why do we make him our symbol?

Upon one point you’ll all agree-

He is UNIQUE and so are we!

by Susan Dassler

Grandma Dassler was a prolific writer. In hard times she wrote to earn money. The 2s 6d or 5 shillings she might be paid for a poem or a small story that was published helped to keep things going. I believe she wrote this poem for a Great Grand Daughter who was going overseas as an American exchange Student.

Be proud today New Zealanders.

PS If you would like to use this poem please acknowledge where you got it from – and Grandma D of course!

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