Friday, December 06, 2013

Thanks to Sweet Pea Margaret…..

I won these cute Christmas Parcel Blocks:


Back in November Peggy was asked to source a pattern for a Christmas raffle block for Taupo Quiltmakers. She selected a gift wrapped parcel block. She made three blocks and stitched them into a wall hanging which I quilted for her.

Sweet Pea Margaret made three blocks but said she didn’t want to go in the draw. She said my name could go in the draw instead of hers. The blocks were raffled in lots of three, my name came out of the hat twice.


Now I have to decide, do I want two x three block wall hangings or should I make more blocks and make a small quilt? What do you think?

Thanks Margaret.



  1. Congratulations!

    I think the blocks would make beautiful placemats for your holiday table.

  2. Lucky You! I like the idea of two three block wall hangings

  3. I think a few extra blocks would make this into a fabulous Christmas wall hanging! Lucky you!

  4. Very nice and perfect for the holidays. Your quilting is looking really good, putting that new ruler to good use!


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