Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sometimes the little things are such fun….

While Jackson was staying here I sent him a Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar. He had the best time checking it every day. The Snowflake design section totally captivated him.He designed lots of Snowflakes and then Nana let him print them off.


 We all got involved in cutting out the shapes. Jackson thought they needed some sparkle so glue and glitter came into play.


We found some satin ribbon and Nan and Jackson made this Snowflake bunting:


 Isn’t that pretty? Thanks Jackson, we love your bunting.

PS If you’ve never visited Jacquie Lawson I can recommend her Advent Calendars for hours of entertainment. 


  1. Great idea for craft for Kids. They look so pretty strung up !

  2. Beautiful bunting, what a cool idea! I love your bubble blowing post, looks like you and Jackson had all the moves :-)
    Happy New Year Linda and family, I look forward to seeing your news and quilting in 2014....


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