Thursday, December 05, 2013

Nearly as big as Texas continues……

……..I have been to the Southern border and I have travelled back to the North. I have seen lots of ditches on the way, I’ve been down some windy roads and visited lots of  town squares.


As I have been travelling the Lone Star state it wasn’t a surprise when a star appeared:


I have a few more highways and byways to explore yet.

See y’all later


  1. What a cute post - I love the star, too.

  2. Love your quilting Linda and the stars in the sashing are great, Sally will be thrilled!
    The way you have worded your post is clever!!

  3. Love your post Linda and your quilting. Looking like a super exciting journey!

  4. I love the way you described your progress on this quilt...brilliant!

  5. I hope you are not in Texas today! The Dallas airport has been shut down for 2 days! My pilot DH has been trying to get there since Thursday night! BRRRRR!


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