Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nearly as Big as Texas finished!!

……..just in case you thought I forgot to share:


My goodness this is a big quilt!

The fabrics in the blocks are very busy so quilting wasn’t going to show too well I put this little motif in the middle and quilted wavy lines out to the lattice strips.


The lattices became my playground:


Can you see how I took the stars out into the border?


Piano keys in the borders and a fan in the corner:


Maureen’s quilt has a very modern look.I loved quilting it, thanks Maureen. One last peek……


Sometimes the little things are such fun….

While Jackson was staying here I sent him a Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar. He had the best time checking it every day. The Snowflake design section totally captivated him.He designed lots of Snowflakes and then Nana let him print them off.


 We all got involved in cutting out the shapes. Jackson thought they needed some sparkle so glue and glitter came into play.


We found some satin ribbon and Nan and Jackson made this Snowflake bunting:


 Isn’t that pretty? Thanks Jackson, we love your bunting.

PS If you’ve never visited Jacquie Lawson I can recommend her Advent Calendars for hours of entertainment. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I’m forever blowing bubbles….

Jackson bought a bubble sword from the market today. Within minutes of arriving home he was creating superb bubbles.


Jackson’s Dad has been teaching him cricket. I think Jackson was using a cricket move here:


Then it was my turn to be tutored in the art:


 ………and I made bubbles too.

Linda makes bubbles

Thanks for sharing Jackson, I really enjoyed that.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Family times are soooo special


Peggy’s son David, his lovely wife Lisa and very cute Grandson Jackson have arrived from Seattle, USA to visit with us.

Peggy and her Grandson Jackson have a magic Nana - Grandson relationship. Jackson has a camera to record special moments from his visit. I used my camera to capture a special moment when Jackson shared his photos with Nana.


Precious moments


PS I think that Jackson is a better photographer than me.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Thanks to Sweet Pea Margaret…..

I won these cute Christmas Parcel Blocks:


Back in November Peggy was asked to source a pattern for a Christmas raffle block for Taupo Quiltmakers. She selected a gift wrapped parcel block. She made three blocks and stitched them into a wall hanging which I quilted for her.

Sweet Pea Margaret made three blocks but said she didn’t want to go in the draw. She said my name could go in the draw instead of hers. The blocks were raffled in lots of three, my name came out of the hat twice.


Now I have to decide, do I want two x three block wall hangings or should I make more blocks and make a small quilt? What do you think?

Thanks Margaret.


Thursday, December 05, 2013

Nearly as big as Texas continues……

……..I have been to the Southern border and I have travelled back to the North. I have seen lots of ditches on the way, I’ve been down some windy roads and visited lots of  town squares.


As I have been travelling the Lone Star state it wasn’t a surprise when a star appeared:


I have a few more highways and byways to explore yet.

See y’all later

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