Friday, November 01, 2013

The start of a new quilting adventure…

I have just started quilting this blue and cream number:


Interesting feature fabric in the blue panels:


I understand that this is a first quilt made by a teenager. Although the piecing is not perfect and the borders a bit “friendly” (waving to me) I think this is going to turn out really well. I started with a good basting top to bottom. Lots of extra zig zag basting in those “friendly” borders. The batting is a lovely wool with a nice loft. I think it’s going to give a nice sculptured look and will be just the thing to suck up that excess fabric. Stitch in the ditch was requested so that has been done right through the cream areas. I’ll be back to do the blue areas.

Ruler work started on the cream areas:


I’m happy so far.

Thanks for popping by



  1. Lovely fabric, and blue, maybe my top favourite colour. the way the diamonds are set, they look curvy with the fabric, beautiful, with a lot of thought to the way they were cut and set. Well done, teenager. Waiting to see it all quilted. Linda's stitching will set it off to full beauty. Greetings, Jean.

  2. I've had a few "friendly" borders on my early quilts, too. ;oD

  3. A friend said to me once a quilt is quilted and used the little mistakes are not really seen. WHOOP WHOOP for the teenager making a quilt. I'm sure your quilting will just give the quilt an awesome finish.
    Love Leanne

  4. I really like two colour quilts and this one is certainly striking. Im also thrilled to hear a teenager made this quilt - I didnt think any young people sewed any more!


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