Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nicky’s quilt…..

Way back I offered free quilting to a New Zealand quilter as part of my 100th followers thank you , Nicky of Farm Girl Stitching won. She sent me her lovely Scrappy Trip Around the World to quilt. So pretty.

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Nicky requested all over spirals on her quilt.

Spirals starting:

Scrappy Trip Around the World

I think they look so good on this quilt.

I used a very pretty pink Superior Magnifico Thread # 2009 Elizabeth. It looks good against all the colours.

Scrappy Trip Around the World

I am in love with this quilt:

Scrappy Trip Around the World

I couldn’t stop taking photos!

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Nicky, your quilt has been a delight to work on. So nicely pieced, and flat. Even the back is pretty.


I hope your quilt gives you years of pleasure.











  1. I'm in love with that quilt too! It's beautiful. Seriously - love the colours and the design and the quilting just makes everything pop ! Great job you two!

  2. Linda, you did a phenomenal job quilting this gorgeous quilt! Congratulations Nicky, your beautiful pieced top now is a beautiful quilt!!!
    ~ Christina in Cleveland


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