Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good Golly

I was so pleased when Moira asked me to quilt her Golly quilt. Moira does such lovely stitching, her button hole work is just perfect. She tells me that when she settles in to do some of this work she puts her phone on answer phone, ignores the door bell and just concentrates. Her work certainly reflects that level of attention.

I didn’t want the back grounds to these cute blocks to look too formal, so I mixed up my filler. I thought that lots of bubbles would add to the happy feel of this quilt.

Golly Collage

I couldn’t resist a bit of fun stitching around the lettering:

Golly wordds collage

For the borders I changed to a soft lilac thread and stitched fun daisies.


Thanks for letting me quilt your super quilt, Moira.

BTW the pattern for this quilt is from Li’lBlokes designs of Australia


  1. Gorgeous quilt - well done ladies!

  2. Love that quilt! Your quilting is just perfect.

    : )

  3. Well done!

    I love how you stitched around the words, a very nice detail. Your quilting adds a lot to this quilt.

  4. Gorgeous quilting and quilt. Very nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a fabulous quilt. Takes me right back to my childhood !(when gollies were politically correct right before the world went utterly mad)

    That detail stitching is superb!

  6. Your lovely quilting really enhances the cute gollies. Great work from both the quilt maker and the machine quilter!!

  7. Looks great Linda. Really gives the quilt a lift and love the way you mixed the background. Awesome work.

  8. Your stitching choices are perfect, love the stitches around the lettering. You and Bertha are getting along quite nicely!


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